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Austria – Power rail installation in the Lainzer tunnel

The Lainzer tunnel is Vienna’s most important connection and crosses the city underground. Since 2005 work has been underway on the link-up to the Western, Southern and Danube Lands railway lines. Coinciding with completion in autumn 2012, EQOS Energie fitted the new rail axis with a space-saving power rail specially designed for the tunnel.
The aim of the commissioned tunnel construction is to speed up rail traffic in Vienna and reduce its carbon footprint. On completion of the 12.3 km tunnel passenger trains will run at speeds of up 160 km/h, freight trains 120 km/h.

EQOS Energie developed a drilling process for installing the fittings, which was specially designed for the specific conditions in the tunnel. 6,950 holes were drilled for 2,500 supports and an overhead power rail totalling 20.5 km installed. The main features of the power rail are its particularly space-saving design and reliability.

A patented EQOS Energie dynamometer car was also deployed. It was specially developed for contact-free measuring runs with video recording and measuring collectors. Despite high-level safety demands, the work was accomplished very cost-effectively.

Overview of services:

  • Drilling and erecting the 2540 pillars for securing the power rail
  • Installing power rail elements on the pillars in the 12.3 km tunnel
  • Running the grooved catenary wire and adjusting the tension at the tunnel portals (20.5 km catenary wire)
  • Production of the tunnel safety switches to deactivate the overhead line in front of the tunnel portals
  • Contactless metering run in the company’s own dynamometer car

Fact box

Execution period
November 2010 – September 2012

Erection site:
Vienna, Austria

On-track speed:
160 km/h