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EQOS Energie Group

Find out about our company structure, what drives us and what you can expect of EQOS Energie.

Company profile

EQOS Energie specialise in services for powerful network infrastructures for electricity, telecommunications and traffic. We make sure that energy is transmitted to the people through overhead or underground lines. We also support you as a competent partner in power distribution and transformation projects. For our customers in telecommunications, we offer services for mobile telecommunications as well as data distribution via fibre optics cable. For traffic projects, we specialise in the electrification of railway networks. Our comprehensive solutions cover the entire lifecycle of network infrastructures from planning to maintenance. Our offerings range from complete solutions to selective support, as needed. This makes us one of the leading service providers of complex technical infrastructures and renders our customers fit for an economy of growing data intensity.

In 2020, the EQOS Energie Group generated a work in progress worth more than EUR 280 million. Currently, the company employs about 1,500 people. With almost 40 locations, we have a presence in five countries. Our customers trust in our comprehensive expertise in engineering, project and plant business, drawing on almost 100 years of experience. EQOS Energie is owned by the European investment company Triton.

Vision and mission

We make certain that the technology bringing people together works reliably. Grids, networks and lines form the infrastructures for supplying future generations in the central fields of energy, telecommunications and traffic. Our services ensure that signals, data and people reach their destinations. Since technical infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex, we are continuing our strategic orientation with a focus on our core business areas, thereby continuously identifying new and future-oriented solutions.

As a company whose core expertise revolves around serving society, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Therefore, we bank on long-standing relationships to achieve sustained success. We attach special importance to the development of our employees, a safe work environment and occupational health. Assuring our customers of the highest quality at all times is at the heart of our activities. We observe corporate compliance specifications in all our business processes without exception.

International activities

Which solutions does EQOS Energie offer in the relevant countries?

EQOS Energie’s portfolio of complex technical infrastructures varies from one country to the next: In the core markets of Germany and Austria, we offer our services in the fields of energy, telecommunications and traffic. Our customers in Luxembourg and France benefit from our expertise in overhead line construction and underground lines. In Belgium, we are focused on railway traffic. In addition, our activities include service provision for the energy industry.

Chairman of the Board

See the career story of our Managing Director Eric Mendel.

Eric Mendel studied Industrial Engineering and launched his career in top management consulting for large and medium-sized industrial and service companies in 1995.

Five years later he was appointed CEO and interim manager of a software and mobile telephony company.

He spent a further four years on the board of a civil engineering and turnkey solutions provider.

As of 2006 he headed the executive board of INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH and became chief representative of the blue chip company INTERSEROH SE, a leading raw materials company.

Eric Mendel was promoted within ALBA Group to become CEO and Chief Operation Officer (COO) of the service sector in 2010. In 2013 he took a seat on the advisory board of the blue chip company ALBA SE (formerly INTERSEROH SE).

In September 2014, Eric Mendel transferred to EQOS Energie Holding as a member of Executive Board. As CEO and President of the Executive Management, he represents the interests of the EQOS Energie Group.

Brand promise

Worth knowing: You can always rely on the excellent quality of our services.

EQOS Energie stands for Excellent Quality Of Services. We fulfill this claim by serving as a dependable partner nearby and by rendering excellent services based on our comprehensive expertise.

The foundation for this is created by our jointly developed values that all of our employees follow: It states how we conduct ourselves towards customers, co-workers, investors and society as a whole and how we ensure that we deliver the quality promised.

  • We design and work hard. Our teams work as entrepreneurs within the company and will always be close to the customer.
  • We work as partners and are committed. For us, this means doing things the right way, right from the start, and to support our customers with our comprehensive know-how.
  • We are continuously improving. Only those who enjoy success and continue to strive for success in the future can provide an excellent performance.
  • We rely on trust and dependability. This is the only way for us to be a dependable partner to our customers and our employees.

In doing so, we look at the big picture without losing sight of the details. We are among the Top 3 in all business fields and deliver customised future-safe solutions with expertise and experience – providing you with exactly what you expected of us. We deliver challenging assignments on time, on budget and on specification.


We have a strong financial investor at our side in Triton.

EQOS Energie is owned by Triton since 2014.

Triton is an international investment firm, founded in 1997. The company seeks to contribute to building better businesses for the longer term through partnership.

Triton invests in medium-sized businesses with management located in Europe that fall within the Industrial, Business Services and Consumer/Health sectors.

Triton funds’ approximately 180 investors include, among others, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and endowments. Triton includes environmental, social and governance criteria into investment considerations and decision-making processes which help to capture long-term value.

Since its founding, Triton has completed more than 70 investments and supported more than 260 acquisitions.

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