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Energy technology

Thanks to its 10 years of experience, our “Stations” section takes care of all activities to ensure the implementation of all stages in the construction of High Voltage Stations.

Taking up the challenges

Each project is unique. The know-how of our men on the ground allows us to take action in all problem areas, whether in construction, renovation or the dismantling of transformer stations. Whether you are manufacturers, transporters, distributors or electrical energy consumers, we are there for you.

Acting in total security

EQOS Energie specialises in the installation of infrastructure for the transportation of high voltage energy. This area of activity requires compliance with the applicable health and safety standards. For this reason, we attach the greatest importance to the training and awareness of our field personnel in this area.

Thanks to our ten years of experience, our excellent internal training and monitoring of each member of staff, we are able to deliver quality services to our clients in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Your advantages in energy technology with us

  • Experience of working with the most important suppliers
  • Independent of suppliers
  • Timely, secure project execution thanks to transnational capacity
  • Solution-oriented approach and flexible project planning
  • Reliable high-level quality to the smallest detail

A complete service provider

A single point of contact for the comprehensive monitoring of your projects.

As a service provider, we provide a complete range of services for each stage of the life cycle of the infrastructure: its creation, maintenance, extension and dismantling:

  • Studies, creation and monitoring of plans
  • Civil engineering services
  • Grounding networks
  • Infrastructures and high voltage apparatus
  • Low voltage equipment
  • Fibre optics
  • Underground intra-station lines
  • Buildings
  • Administrative monitoring