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Railway technology

We are the experts in railway power infrastructures. This includes catenary poles, overhead lines and conductor rails and also technical equipment for local and long-distance rail traffic.

Railway infrastructure from the Alps to the North Sea

Throughout Europe, numerous investments are being made in short and long-distance transit, which is accelerating the economic motor for transport infrastructure. Our solutions contribute to the railway infrastructure sector and ensure that a rail connection between the Alps and the North Sea is possible.

The core expertise of EQOS Energie is in the construction of catenary lines and signaling technology. But that isn’t all. Our portfolio covers almost everything that can be moved on rails: from long-distance transit to the subway.

With thoughtful planning, reliable installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance or servicing, we ensure that as many things as possible move as quickly as possible on each line. Our engineering people plan the overhead contact line systems while also taking into account bridge protection including structural analysis. Special pile-driving and drilling equipment are used in the foundation process. We use customer-approved measuring technology for inventory and analysis as well as for acceptance and documentation. We’re your first point of contact when it comes to creating ground systems as well.

Your advantages in railway technology with us

  • Equipped with the latest machine technology
  • Machinery individually controlled according to customer requirements
  • Flexible deployment of employees, local and long-distance training
  • Advice in cross-industry developments in the area of cutting-edge technology
  • Deep understanding of industries, technology, processes and knowledge transfer within the company

Long-distance rail transit

Our team is reliable for long-distance transit even during short-notice closure periods and adverse weather conditions.

Our experts are used to short time frames and special logistical and weather-related circumstances for long-distance transit projects. If necessary, we can quickly be in the position to implement your long-distance transit projects on short notice flexibly with employees specialized in long-distance transit – throughout several European countries.

Our services are complimented by state-of-the-art, high-performance equipment, which can be operated on the basis of your needs, and a range of tools and computers tailored to catenary networks.

There are no surprises for the customers in our projects – We deliver on time, on budget, and to specification.

Short-distance rail transit

We’ve got the solution in rail construction for special requirements in short-distance transit projects!

Our experienced teams have worked internationally on numerous short-distance transit projects from installation to mounting and maintenance. Whether its regional, street or industrial railways, subways or commuter rails – EQOS Energie puts everything in motion.

Often the logistics of a project are made more difficult by limited space. And there are also short-notice disruptions of service. We always meet such challenges reliably, quickly and efficiently.

Give us a try!

Technical equipment of the railway infrastructure

We offer modern technology for tracks, turnouts and tunnels. See for yourself.

Your railway transit systems can also benefit from the synergies of our railway technology and communications technology departments. EQOS Energie brings its communications technology to the rails, installs control and signaling technology and plans and realizes the optimum energy structure. All of this is done safely and for customer comfort!

Our service benefits:

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of signaling and telecommunications systems
  • Cable laying, connection, sockets up to 30 kV
  • 50 Hz systems
  • Heaters and locksmith work on turnouts
  • Construction, commissioning and modification of GSM-R mobile wireless sites, mobile radio systems and tunnel repeaters for all network operators along the railway lines
  • Measurement and testing of cable systems